Liquidmetal Technologies and Amorphology Enter into a Manufacturing License Agreement

Amorphology is a NASA spinoff with exceptional lineage and intellectual property developed as part of the space program. Their roots are based on exclusively licensed IP through Caltech which was developed by their founder for NASA’s applications in extreme environments where mission critical components cannot be serviced.

They are heavily focused around bulk metallic glass alloys, coatings, and additive projects they continuously file additional patents.

“We are extremely excited about having Amorphology as our global partner in advancing amorphous alloy technology.  Not only will Liquidmetal be able to take advantage of a new revenue stream, but the partnership will allow us to have a local, US manufacturing source to pursue applications that would otherwise be prohibited. This gets us one step closer to having our technology be adopted on a mass scale,” said Tony Chung, CEO of Liquidmetal.

See the full press release here:

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