Reduce manufacturing trade-offs, in a single molding step.

Liquidmetal produces solid metal parts with the precision of CNC machining, using a process similar to plastic injection molding. Just melt, inject, and remove your part tree.

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When different is powerful

Amorphous metals are unlike any other metal at the most basic level. Born in the labs of Caltech and NASA, decades of R&D has lead to the ability to “freeze” the random atomic structure of molten metal into a solid metal part.
This structure yields a range of powerful manufacturing capabilities.

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Amorphous Metal LM105
  • 1524 MPa Strength
  • 53 HRC Hardness
  • 1.8% Elasticity (% of original shape)
  • 6.57 g/cm³ Density
  • <0.1 Ra, μm Surface Finish

Extraordinary material properties

The material properties that come with amorphous metals are all born from a single molding step. Achieving a similar combination of properties with crystalline alloys would be nearly impossible, requiring costly post-processing.

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Your success is our purpose

The Liquidmetal team is the world leader in amorphous metal manufacturing. We understand this new technology can be overwhelming, and with transparency and your success as our guide, our team will do what it takes to make your application a success. You’re invited to challenge our team and think beyond the restrictions of traditional manufacturing processes.

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Taking metal molding to another level

No crystals mean no weak regions (which lead to plastic deformation), but possibly more importantly, it means little-to-no shrinkage. Usually, when a material cools and crystallizes, it will shrink significantly. Without this phase transformation from liquid to solid, amorphous metals experience 0.4% shrinkage, yielding CNC-level precision parts.

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How the smartest businesses use Liquidmetal:

  • Automotive

    Potential applications include engine timing systems, fuel injection, interior and exterior decorative components, passenger safety components, pumps, sensors, severe duty connectors, and many others. 

  • Medical

    Potential applications include suturing equipment, minimally invasive medical devices, implantable devices, enclosures, dental equipment, and more.

  • Industrial

    Potential applications include gears, acoustic equipment, and any other small, complex metal devices.

  • Sporting equipment

    Potential applications include sporting arms equipment, knives, tools, SCUBA equipment, outdoor recreation, and more.

Are you ready to put your application on the cutting edge?