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Liquidmetal is a Global Leader in Amorphous Metal Technology

Liquidmetal – also known as amorphous metal or bulk metallic glass is unlike any other material at the most basic level. Born in the labs of Caltech and NASA, decades of R&D has lead to the ability to “freeze” the random atomic structure of molten metal into a solid metal part.

Building on this development, Liquidmetal has become the world’s leader in amorphous metal applications, developing components for medical, automotive, and a wide range of industrial products.

Let us show you how amorphous metal can solve design constraints.

Amorphous Metal LM106c
  • 1230 MPa Strength
  • 47 HRC Hardness
  • 1.6% Elasticity (% of original shape)
  • 6.8 g/cm³ Density
  • <0.1 Ra, μm Surface Finish

Liquidmetal has extraordinary material properties

The material properties that come with bulk metallic glass are all born from a single molding step. Achieving a similar combination of properties with crystalline alloys would be nearly impossible, requiring costly post-processing.

Liquidmetal is taking metal molding to another level

No crystals mean no weak regions (which lead to plastic deformation), but possibly more importantly, it means little-to-no shrinkage. Usually, when a material cools and crystallizes, it will shrink significantly. Without this phase transformation from liquid to solid, Liquidmetal experiences a 0.25% shrinkage, yielding CNC level precision parts.


Metal forming in a single molding step.

Liquidmetal produces solid metal parts with the precision of CNC machining, using a process similar to plastic injection molding. Just melt, inject, and remove your part tree.

Advanced Solutions for

High Performance Metal Parts

How the smartest businesses use Liquidmetal:

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Liquidmetal Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:
As a global leader in amorphous metals and bulk metallic glass, Liquidmetal is continuing to work with companies across a spectrum of industries to develop solutions for challenging metal parts. We have maintained all tooling and manufacturing capabilities to support new and existing projects. We are also available to host web-based training for small or large groups. Contact us!