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Liquidmetal is continuing to work with companies across a spectrum of industries to develop solutions for challenging parts. We have maintained all tooling and manufacturing capabilities to support new and existing projects. We are also available to host web-based training for small or large groups. Contact us!

Reduce manufacturing trade-offs, in a single molding step.

Liquidmetal produces solid metal parts with the precision of CNC machining, using a process similar to plastic injection molding. Just melt, inject, and remove your part tree.

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A Global Leader in Amorphous Metal Technology

Amorphous metals are unlike any other metal at the most basic level. Born in the labs of Caltech and NASA, decades of R&D has lead to the ability to “freeze” the random atomic structure of molten metal into a solid metal part.
Building on this development, Liquidmetal has become the world’s leader in amorphous metal applications , developing components for medical, automotive, and wide range of industrial products.  Let us show you how amorphous metal can solve design constraints.

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Amorphous Metal LM106c
  • 1230 MPa Strength
  • 47 HRC Hardness
  • 1.8% Elasticity (% of original shape)
  • 6.57 g/cm³ Density
  • <0.1 Ra, μm Surface Finish

Extraordinary material properties

The material properties that come with amorphous metals are all born from a single molding step. Achieving a similar combination of properties with crystalline alloys would be nearly impossible, requiring costly post-processing.

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Taking metal molding to another level

No crystals mean no weak regions (which lead to plastic deformation), but possibly more importantly, it means little-to-no shrinkage. Usually, when a material cools and crystallizes, it will shrink significantly. Without this phase transformation from liquid to solid, amorphous metals experience 0.4% shrinkage, yielding CNC-level precision parts.

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