The unique properties and molding technology of Liquidmetal allows designers to replace existing manufacturing processes for current parts and opens the doors to new possibilities for new designs.


The high elasticity of Liquidmetal is great for custom springs and locking mechanisms. You can mold your part to get a plastic-like geometry and elasticity, but the strength and hardness of steel.


Along the lines of having high elasticity, Liquidmetal also has zero hysteresis under cyclic loading in opposite directions. This could be very beneficial in designing of pressure sensors and load cells. The corrosion resistance of Liquidmetal will also make these components long lasting in harsh environments.


With Liquidmetal, you can mold the entire gear-form in one step. No machining or grinding is required to finish the geometry of the gear teeth. Exceptional precision is achieved due to the near zero shrinkage of Liquidmetal during the molding process, and the surface finish out of the mold results is a smooth operation of a geartrain. Liquidmetal is also naturally hard without heat-treating, which provides a durable tooth to tooth interface.

(Images courtesy of our global manufacturing partners)