Consumer Products

There are endless opportunities for using Liquidmetal in consumer products to produce beautiful complex parts.


Liquidmetal is an acoustically intriguing material with the ability to conduct sound energy efficiently and uniformly across a wide range of audible frequencies. We have shown that when thoughtfully applied to instrument design, Liquidmetal can elegantly enhance tone amplitude, sustain, and timbre. Additionally, it can be molded into complex geometries, with great corrosion resistance, and repeatable dimensional accuracy.

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Improve the quality and durability of your products by switching to Liquidmetal. The molding process allows you to easily create aesthetic and form fitting geometries to get the comfort and style you desire. The elasticity of Liquidmetal will allow you to abuse your product without bending out of shape. If you sit on your headphones or eyeglasses, Liquidmetal will return to its original form. The hardness of the alloy will resist scratching and maintain the cosmetic finish.

Sporting Goods

Any product designed to test the elements of the outdoors should be designed to last and pushed to its limit. Amorphous metal’s durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to mold complex shapes makes it a great candidate for sporting products. Reduce part count in a retractable knife or multi-tool by molding multiple parts as one. Utilize the energy transfer of the amorphous material for a club or racket. Increase the life of components exposed to salt in coastal regions. Liquidmetal can take your design to the next level.

A Variety of Colors and Surface Finishes are Available.

There are a variety of surface finishes available from matte to polished, and can be coated to get additional colors.