Liquidmetal receives MIM order from the medical device industry.

Liquidmetal’s manufacturing partner, Dongguan Yihao Metal, is the world’s largest manufacturer of amorphous metal products.  However, it is also a world provider of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) solutions, an excellent choice for small components with low to medium complexity requirements that need to be produced at scale.

While our primary focus continues to commercialize amorphous metals globally, we are in a unique position to offer other metal molding solutions to meet our customer’s needs.  In this regard, Liquidmetal has been marketing and selling MIM solutions and is excited to announce that we have received our FIRST MIM ORDER from a customer in the medical device industry. This is for a minimally invasive surgical application, utilizing “Jaw” components that grab and manipulate suturing needles and tissue during surgery.

In addition to increasing our revenues, we have now added ourselves onto another customer’s certified vendor list to collaborate with them and identify amorphous alloy opportunities to further expand our technology into the mainstream!

This chart compares MIM and Liquidmetal

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