Case Study: Liquidmetal Alloys in SCUBA Equipment

Case Study: Liquidmetal Alloys in SCUBA Equipment

Engineers face an extra challenge when designing and manufacturing metal parts for marine applications. The harsh oceanic environment wears on equipment with the corrosive nature of salt, along with other unforgiving natural elements. SCUBA equipment must not only withstand these elements but also perform at a high-level throughout the life of the product.

Because of this challenging environment, it can be difficult to find a material that is corrosion resistant, economical, durable, and lightweight.

With all the above factors in mind, this case study will dive into Liquidmetal alloys’ potential performance in SCUBA equipment – specifically the regulator system. Regulator systems require significant durability, precision, low weight, and has improved in recent years with the integration of titanium alloys.

Titanium regulator components have allowed manufacturers to develop SCUBA equipment that is more durable and significantly lighter than previous materials, two critical attributes. Liquidmetal amorphous alloys outperform titanium in almost every specification; including strength, hardness, and density.