SCE says “yes” to Liquidmetal’s power upgrade

From Bruce Bromage, Chief Operating Officer

I am pleased to announce that we now have a final design approved for construction from Southern California Edison. Development can now proceed, along with final permitting phases of the project.

Usually, this type of power upgrade is considered routine, but our requirements revealed unexpected problems with the two closest points of connection for our building. Also, results from core soil samples added new limitations on placement of heavy equipment.

Our electrical and construction contractors have a green light, and we’ll keep you posted on expected completion.


First MIM production parts delivered

Liquidmetal’s first production MIM parts were delivered to the customer last week. I am delighted with the quality of these parts – Zubin, Liquidmetal’s Senior Materials Engineer, will describe testing of our low-carbon stainless steel in a future blog.

Low-carbon stainless steel is accomplished using specialized MIM equipment and is especially well suited for medical components.


Power and production going forward

Right now, Liquidmetal is producing parts on all three molding systems; MIM, amorphous metal hot crucible, and amorphous metal cold crucible. The power upgrade will be immediately helpful for improving MIM production efficiency and offer improved support for all three systems.

More power will also provide enhanced support and the ability to expand all three systems.

Sincerely, Bruce