Liquidmetal Technologies Broadens Research Community

Liquidmetal Technologies Broadens Research Community

Every day Liquidmetal® Technologies remains focused on the cutting edge of research and development of amorphous metal alloys (aka metallic glasses). One of the most important aspects of this effort is a collaboration with outside researchers and universities. Recently, Liquidmetal scientists began a strong relationship with Vitrified Metals: Technologies and Applications in Devices and Chemistry by presenting at their 1st annual meeting.

‘VitriMetTech’ is a Marie Curie Training Network linking nearly 20 institutions across Europe ( The Network’s objective is to train early-stage and experienced researchers (both research students and post-docs) in research methods relevant for the understanding and exploitation of metallic glasses.  The first annual meeting of the Network took place September 15-19, 2014 at the University of Cambridge (UK), one of its partner institutions.

“Our first annual meeting focused on synthesis and manufacturing of metallic glasses and on links with industry.  We were therefore absolutely delighted that Dr. Glenton Jelbert and Dr. Stephanie O’Keeffe of Liquidmetal were able to join us (electronically) on the first day, introducing us to the many exciting developments at the company,” said Professor Lindsay Greer, organiser of the Cambridge meeting. “For the young researchers in the Network, the presentation by Glenton and Stephanie and the subsequent Q&A session were very informative.  But even more important, the insight into actual production was in fact inspirational in these early stages of our Network as we aim to develop applications exploiting the unique property combinations possible with metallic glasses. As VitriMetTech progresses we look forward to further links with Liquidmetal Technologies.”

“Your precise and informative presentation has been very much appreciated. (The researchers) have now been introduced in some detail to the field of metallic glasses and will remain working in this research area for up to three years. They will certainly have the opportunity, not to mention their supervisors, to interact with (Liquidmetal) as a major industry producing these materials,” said Professor Livio Battezzati, VitriMetTech Coordinator.

Liquidmetal Vice President of Engineering, Glenton Jelbert, is excited to broaden the Company research community, “We were delighted to be invited to present at VitriMetTech, as it is a chance to foster research collaborations, begin commercial partnerships and find potential future recruits.  The research community in Europe is fantastic, and most of our current collaborations are in the US, so we welcomed this opportunity to work with this Network.”

Currently, Liquidmetal scientists are engaged with over 40 research groups. Maintaining open and collaborative relationships with researchers allows Liquidmetal Technologies to advance the knowledge base of its alloys, thus enabling improved products and service to customers and licensees. “We continually strive to be at the forefront of amorphous alloy technology, being well connected to university researchers ensures that we can do so,” said Stephanie O’Keeffe, Senior Scientist for Liquidmetal Technologies.