Powder Injection Moulding International is the leading publication specifically for the metal, ceramic, and carbide injection molding industries. The publication is based in Shrewsbury, UK and is in its 8th year covering the industries. In PIM International’s September publication Liquidmetal® Technologies was featured in an article authored by Liquidmetal Vice President of World Wide Sales and Support, Paul Hauck. Paul utilizes his more than 27 years of experience in the MIM industry to share insights about MIM and Liquidmetal products. He provides a brief history of Liquidmetal Technology Inc. and compares and contrasts the two processes.

“The invitation to write the article for PIM International was a great opportunity to showcase and contrast the Liquidmetal process with Metal Injection Molding (MIM).  Both technologies bring special processing capabilities for complex metal parts.  The uniqueness of Liquidmetal’s single step process is one of its most notable differences with MIM,” said Paul Hauck, Vice President of Sales and Support, for Liquidmetal Technologies.

To read the article you can download a free copy at www.pim-international.com/magazine.