As Liquidmetal Technologies manufactures parts for new and exciting applications, Liquidmetal alloys continue to gain substantial attention from material scientists and physicists due to the unique properties and performance advantages of its amorphous molecular structure.

In the cover story in the February 2013 (Volume 66, Issue 2) print edition of Physics TodayIssue Cover, Liquidmetal Technologies’ class of materials (scientifically referred to as bulk metallic glasses) is featured in the article written by Dr. Jan Schroers, Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Yale.

The journal cover photos highlight several notable application-related properties of bulk metallic glass (BMG) ranging from Nanoscale catalytic fibers to innovative jewelry casings.

Dr. Schroers’ article explains BMG fundamentals and summarizes the historical and up-to-date scientific explanations of how BMGs are formed. He also highlights the physical mechanisms underlying surprising mechanical properties such as extremely high yield strengths, and new metal-processing opportunities utilizing the thermoplastic flow behavior of bulk metallic glasses.

In Dr. Schroers’ expert opinion of BMGs, he states that “Bulk metallic glasses exhibit material attributes that were previously thought to be mutually exclusive.” Amorphous alloys are among the strongest engineering materials known while remaining highly flexible to process – visit Dr. Schroers’ website for more.