Operations update: Power upgrade, EON systems advance

From Bruce Bromage, Chief Operating Officer

Power and MIM

We have received lots of questions lately on the status of the electric power upgrade. The City of Lake Forest has until November 7th to review our revised permit, which is needed to schedule construction. Meanwhile, we will be moving forward to operate the furnace on weekends. We continue to process MIM orders using identical de-binding and sintering furnaces from our furnace supplier.

EON Systems Advance

We are also quoting more business on our EON systems, which are fully upgraded for US operations with increased robotics and automated lubrication systems. Part quality is excellent. This lower cost system was initially targeted for price-sensitive industrial parts, but it is proving to be suitable for demanding medical and automotive applications.

We continue to drive ongoing projects that are progressing to domestic production, but we have increased our focus on developing EON-based projects. Our ability to develop parts in the US, and produce in China, is very attractive for customers that require very high production volumes.

Evolving sales and marketing approach

Kris Kent, our new VP of Sales and Marketing, is on the road, meeting with our top customer prospects while refining our sales and marketing strategies. You’ll see a change in emphasis from promoting specific production systems to promoting manufacturing solutions and our commercial capabilities.

Customers come to us for precision parts, enabled by amorphous metal technology. Whether LM105 or LM106c best fits the application is of secondary importance. More details to come on this soon.

Sincerely, Bruce