Pacemaker enclosure


Few products are as carefully engineered as implantable medical devices. Materials that have prolonged contact with body tissues and fluids must be biocompatible, and when they contain batteries and sensitive electronics, they must be durable and hermetically sealed. 

Precise mating between two shell components of an enclosure, along with a high-quality weld, is critical to protecting internal electronics. Today, most cardiac pacemakers are made with housings machined from specialized titanium alloys which can lead to variability.

Liquidmetal amorphous metal pacemaker enclosures create a precision fit with complex support features molded in, without the cost of CNC machining. Download the paper to read about additional benefits the Liquidmetal amorphous metal molding process offers implantable enclosures.

For reference, some machined titanium housings similar to those produced by Liquidmetal Technologies can cost over $80 per unit.