Missile Flight Control Surfaces


Liquidmetal injection molding is ideally suited for volume production of missile fins. Liquidmetal parts are formed in a single step: injected and released from a mold where each part is precisely the same as each and every part made from the same mold. For a supersonic missile, it is critical that the top and bottom surfaces of the part be symmetrical in terms of shape and weight. Liquidmetal alloy typically shrinks less than 0.4%, allowing tolerances within ±0.0008” to be achieved. This is an order of magnitude better than MIM and all but the very best machining. Because of the phenomenal part-to-part consistency yielded by the Liquidmetal molding process, parts need only be sampled to ensure conformance to specifications.

In the case of a missile fin, there are significant differences in performance between machining, MIM, and Liquidmetal injection molding.