Liquidmetal Technologies Presents at MIM2016

Liquidmetal Technologies Presents at MIM2016

During an eventful week at the MIM2016 conference, members of the Liquidmetal team presented on Amorphous Metal Technology and R&D Efforts. At the only international powder and metal injection molding event of the year, Paul Hauck, EVP of Sales and Marketing, and Joe Stevick, Senior Physicist, introduced a new twist on traditional injection molding.

The event featured attendees from all over the world, including keynote presenter Jean-Claude Bihr, from Alliance MIM, France. Topics throughout the week included environmental and cost impacts of manufacturing technologies, design case studies, and future manufacturing advancements.

The opportunity to present gave the Liquidmetal team a great chance to reach the industries’ most influential individuals. For a growing technology, this critical exposure not only educates MIM leaders but helps stimulate dialogue about the technology going forward.

As a manufacturing solution, the Liquidmetal process does not aim to be a replacement technology, but an alternative solution. Finding applications that are too difficult, too expensive, or impossible to manufacture with processes like MIM is a key component to the success of Liquidmetal technology.

“The growing popularity of Liquidmetal as a brand name in the manufacturing world is encouraging,” said Paul Hauck, “Helping professionals from all over the world understand the process will continue the maturation of the technology while improving many of their customer’s applications.”

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