Introducing Kris Kent, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Introducing Kris Kent, Vice President Sales and Marketing

From Bruce Bromage, Chief Operating Officer

“I am pleased to announce that Kris Kent has joined Liquidmetal as Vice President, Sales and Marketing. Kris brings 30 years of industry experience and long-term, trusted relationships with our core customers. Kris and I are actively reviewing our marketing strategy to ensure we are laser-focused on key customers and applications. As part of this transition, we are also meeting with our Manufacturing Sales Representatives to maintain momentum with key accounts and to refine our overall sales strategy.”

From Kris Kent, Vice President Sales and Marketing

“I am excited to join a technology company with such rare potential for rapid commercialization. Upon initial review of our business and customers, I see a rich vein of opportunity with many untapped applications, even within our current customer base. We have an A-1 list of prospective customers. My priority is to work with Bruce and the team to bring our current programs through the development pipeline into production.”

“Based on my experience with critical components of surgical devices—including endoscopic, laparoscopic, and stapling—this technology is truly promising. It is fortuitous that on my second day on the job, I was privileged to participate in a supplier audit from a global medical device manufacturer. This is a key customer milestone, and it strongly validates my decision to invest my energies in growing Liquidmetal.”

From Lugee Li, Chief Executive Officer

“I am excited to welcome Kris to our team—he is an industry expert and is enthusiastic about the prospects for our technology and business. I am confident that his experience and fresh eyes will open new opportunities for Liquidmetal and strengthen our relationships with current customers.”