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Just two days following the grand opening of the Liquidmetal Manufacturing Center of Excellence, all investors were invited to attend the Liquidmetal Technologies Annual Shareholder meeting and experience the newly upgraded facility first hand. The event kicked off with the Annual shareholder meeting, followed by presentations by Dennis Ogawa, Vice President Marketing, and Paul Hauck, Vice President World Wide Sales and Support. Following the presentations by Dennis and Paul, Tom Steipp, President and CEO, hosted a question and answer session with all investors present and invited guests.

Liquidmetal engineers then introduced the commercially available Engel e-motion machine, demonstrating the one-step injection molding process. Every visitor received a Liquidmetal sample part molded on the Engel e-motion machine, along with a company brochure.Engel Machine Presentation

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“With all the pieces in place to operate as a full scale production facility, Liquidmetal Technologies is proud to invite our valued investors in to see the progress we have made,” said Paul Hauck, VP World Wide Sales and Support at Liquidmetal Technologies. “We are thrilled with the turnout and are optimistic about what the future holds for this manufacturing center and the technology.”

Throughout the day investors, vendors, and invited guests visited the Manufacturing Center of Excellence. Every attendee received unprecedented access to speak with the Liquidmetal team. If you have any further inquiries please click the Investor Contact Us button below: