Innovation prize goes to Liquidmetal at MD&M East

Innovation prize goes to Liquidmetal at MD&M East

MD&M East is the east coast’s biggest Medtech event, located in New York, NY. In its 34th year, the event featured industry trends including 3D printing, smart manufacturing, and robotics for thousands of engineers, executives, and various other attendees. Alongside MD&M East there were five other advanced design and manufacturing trade events, resulting in a broad range of professionals in one area.

Awarded by MD&M East, the Innovation Prize is given to the company that exhibits a product or service that distinguishes itself in the market as unique and innovative compared to competitors. After the UBM editorial team narrowed the field to 10 finalists, Qmed and MD+DI readers cut the field in half leading into the show via an online vote.

The five finalists included Hitachi Cable America’s 70 Ohm Micro-Coax; MSI’s RF Segmental Compression Bonder for catheters; Verse Life Science Quality Management System from Verse Solutions; and Traqpath Web and mobile compliance and event tracking application.

The Liquidmetal team’s goal is to help customers overcome manufacturing roadblocks with a new manufacturing solution. The ability to mold complex shapes in a single molding step, resulting in fully-amorphous parts brings a new suite of capabilities to applications with metal components.

A unique combination of material properties allow for the reduction of many common post-processing steps required to reach desired strength, hardness, elasticity, and more. Liquidmetal boasts high strength (1524 MPa) and hardness (52 HRC), in a rare combination with elasticity (1.8%, as a % of original shape). Additionally, the technologies’ ability to mold complex shapes with CNC-like (±0.0008”) precision may be its most powerful attribute.

You can read more about the award, and Qmed here.