Function & Finish

Function & Finish
Liquidmetal Function & Finish
Stronger than titanium and harder than steel

In the parts industry, there are mechanical parts (brackets, frames, mounts, housings, etc.) which drive product performance and cosmetic parts (bezels, cases, trim, grilles, etc.) which drive product appeal.

Often, a part is required which attempts to fulfill both these functions, but with limitations in one area or the other. Cosmetic materials such as brass, silver, gold, and platinum do not typically have extraordinary strength, stiffness, hardness or wear resistance. On the other hand, widely used engineering materials such as titanium, steel, and copper alloys are difficult to make appealing to the eye without expensive coatings or paint which are themselves subject to scratching, flaking, and oxidizing.

Liquidmetal alloy parts inherently offer incredible strength and visual appeal for such applications. The video attached summarizes this blend of mechanical and cosmetic properties, noting also the simplicity of the manufacturing process made possible by the uniqueness of Liquidmetal alloy.

We invite cutting-edge designers to explore ways in which our material can change the way your products are industrially designed by taking advantage of Liquidmetal’s dual capabilities of Function & Finish.