Liquidmetal’s Pathway to Bigger, Better & Bolder Operations in 2018

Liquidmetal’s Pathway to Bigger, Better & Bolder Operations in 2018

A New Year’s Message from Paul Hauck, Executive Vice PresidentSales & Marketing


Liquidmetal is on the move. I’m pleased to report that our new, larger facility is up-and-running, positioning us to facilitate more manufacturing activity than ever before. In response, this week we are rolling out an aggressive 90-day sales and marketing plan designed to leverage our increased capacity in 2018. Highlights include:

  • New samples to convey value and relevance
  • Webinars that educate and excite
  • Expanding market reach
  • Competitive pricing to influence adoption
  • Support to help clients engage and accelerate

Come along with me for a deeper look at each of these key areas…

New Samples to Convey Value & Relevance

Almost everyone introduced to Liquidmetal recognizes its potential. Yet, it’s so new that, to many, it doesn’t yet seem real. People want to see, feel and touch Liquidmetal in a way that relates to what they do in their businesses every day—they need the ability to envision how our technology can and will work with their products.

2018 is the year Liquidmetal is making that possible—bridging the gap in client’s minds between the unknown and known. We currently have 12 projects underway to develop industry and/or function-specific product samples that highlight Liquidmetal advantages such as elasticity, precision and durability in a way that potential clients can relate to their businesses. Samples under development include:

  • Automotive pressure sensor
  • Hot-forming sample that combines two amorphous metal parts
  • Custom gear application
  • Medical samples such as a cardiac rhythm device and orthopedic bones plates

These samples will demonstrate that Liquidmetal isn’t a process reserved for the distant future. It’s for innovators who are ready to take action and get ahead of the competition today.

Webinars That Educate & Excite

Demonstrating value to potential clients doesn’t begin and end with samples. This month, Liquidmetal is launching a regular series of stimulating webinars to educate designers and manufacturers on Liquidmetal. The first webinar is “What is Liquidmetal.” This introductory session is crafted to help the audience understand what Liquidmetal is and how it has the potential to take their products to the next level. We anticipate that this will be a recurring webinar that will consistently attract new, viable candidates into our sales and marketing funnel.

Liquidmetal will also be hosting other webinar series in the first-quarter, and beyond. Each will be designed for specific audiences, with initial focus on automotive and medical applications. This forum will include a Q&A segment so that webinars not only educate designers and manufacturers about Liquidmetal, but also give us better insight into what knowledge our audiences are craving.

Expanding Market Reach

In 2017, we created connections with more than 1,000 potential customers through trade shows, cold calls, product demonstrations, RFQs and our website’s lead capture system. This year, we are widening our net to reach new companies and markets by acquiring carefully targeted lists for a new marketing program.

We are in the process of identifying and acquiring lists through sources catering to experts in automotive, medical, robotics, plastics technology, design, manufacturing and more. Once identified, a multi-prong marketing campaign will be launched to introduce these audiences to Liquidmetal and influence those who are interested in learning more to raise their hands.

Competitive Pricing to Influence Adoption

Our new relationship with EONTEC is a game-changer for Liquidmetal. The resulting implementation of new processes and efficiencies has positioned us to overcome what has historically been many clients’ greatest barrier to adoption—pricing. In 2018, qualified customers now have access to significantly lower tooling costs.

Armed with more competitive pricing, our first order of business is to reconnect with 31 customers covering 70 applications. These clients—specializing in the medical, automotive, sporting equipment, industrial, aerospace and consumer markets—were extremely interested in integrating Liquidmetal into their manufacturing processes. However, they ultimately did not pull the trigger due to cost constraints. With that barrier now eliminated, the possibilities are abundant.

The anticipated increase in activity will help generate even more attractive pricing as we move forward. As activity in our new facility is amplified, economies of scale will improve and continue to drive pricing down.

Support to Help Clients Engage & Accelerate

Many of the industries we serve require extensive lead time from conception to implementation. For example, medical and automotive clients typically require 18-24 months. While some of the factors that contribute to the lag time are unavoidable, Liquidmetal has determined that we can offer additional customer support to speed up this process.

Our two primary focuses in this area include accelerating the tooling process and taking on a more active role in engineering work that typically falls within the client’s realm of responsibility. Thanks to our new ability to leverage EONTEC’s processes, we can speed up tooling, reducing project lead-times. Plus, greater engagement of Liquidmetal engineers in the development process will help clients overcome obstacles and better manage project timelines.

Ready for Progress

Our team is excited about our bigger, bolder, better direction for 2018. The combination of progress with ongoing programs for key clients combined with our aggressive 90-day plan to attract new clients will position Liquidmetal for continued momentum. We’re thrilled to be backed by investors like you who recognize how Liquidmetal is poised to influence the way companies around the globe manufacture their products.

Sincerely, Paul