Building Strong Relationships Through Exceptional Customer Service

Building Strong Relationships Through Exceptional Customer Service

A Message from Paul Hauck, EVP Sales and Marketing

I take great pride in Liquidmetal’s commitment to building long-term, meaningful relationships with both current and emerging clients. Our high level of customer focus runs through the entire business, not only our sales team, and it’s evident in the services we proactively provide to our clients. We strive to treat our clients the way we want to be treated, and continuing to build strong relationships is key to developing our business today and into the future.

Going the Extra Mile on DFM, Speed, and Cost

Liquidmetal is fueled by a culture of science, collaboration, exploration, and shared business objectives. As a ground-breaking technology, the client development cycle can take up to two years to accommodate necessary steps such as testing, prototyping, and application validation. The faster we can move new clients through the pipeline, the quicker we can help them reach their goals. With that in mind, we have been placing significant focus on design for manufacturing (DFM), speed, and reducing the cost of raw materials, tooling, and manufacturing.

I have never encountered a business that shares the burden of DFM with clients the way Liquidmetal does. We support clients’ product development process by providing component modeling, mold flow and cooling analysis, finite element analysis, and other early processes required to ensure a successful program. This practice is making an impression on clients and helping us shorten the product development process by taking on some of the engineering burden usually executed by the customer.

Commitment to Service is Resonating with Budding Clients

Recently, CONMED shared their experience working in partnership with Liquidmetal. Mason Williams said, “Liquidmetal’s attentiveness in design engineering support enabled us to iterate 15 versions of our design in 20 days. At every step, it has been clear that Liquidmetal truly cares about our success.”

In late December, we learned of a challenge another potential client was having with their current manufacturing process. Barely a month later, our team had developed a design, built tooling, and produced and delivered a functional prototype.

Working Together for the Long Haul

In today’s world where others are often distracted from what matters, it’s this type of commitment that signals the importance we place on building meaningful relationships. Clients recognize our efforts to help eliminate obstacles and minimize risk. It’s clear Liquidmetal has their back—that we’re with them not just today, but for the long haul.

Sincerely, Paul