As the global leader in amorphous metal manufacturing, research, and production, Liquidmetal Technologies strives to give you the tools to be an amorphous metals expert. Keeping the Liquidmetal design guide up to date with the latest information regarding part design, production, and the post-processing of Liquidmetal alloys is critical.

This design guide adds significant content to many aspects of the technology, specifically:

  • New studies – expanded dimensional accuracy and repeatability information
  • Robust Liquidmetal coating information
  • Mold requirements
  • Process overview
  • Markets and application opportunities

There are many advantages associated with manufacturing using Liquidmetal alloys, but the overlying message is simple: overcome traditional manufacturing challenges using a revolutionary technology. The first step to overcoming many of these challenges is educating potential users in order to build a market for amorphous metals. The Liquidmetal Design Guide is the most comprehensive source of information on Liquidmetal technology, and its transparency and openness allows for the growth of this potential market.

The guide is constantly being updated, and any suggestions for future changes or topics of discussion are welcome. Please note that specific details surrounding studies, statements, and more are available by request. A member of the Liquidmetal team will be happy to talk about potential applications you may have, as well as answering any questions you may have.