As the Liquidmetal process and alloy continue gaining traction in a changing manufacturing marketplace, there is a growing need for comprehensive engineering information on the technology. Following its total update, thousands of copies of the Liquidmetal Design Guide 2.0 were read both online and in hard copy in recent months. The guide enabled engineers to identify candidate product applications for the technology as well as design new components for the process. The Liquidmetal Design Guide 3.0 will provide expanded information to customers on several topics including biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, magnetism, and more.

Referencing this guide will equip you to with all the necessary information to fully leverage the benefits of the Liquidmetal technology. In addition to historical background, process technology information, structured part-design topics, and material property data, the design guide helps you take advantage of the unique Liquidmetal process with practical design rules and manufacturing best practices.

The Liquidmetal Design Guide is continually evolving with the technology and is meant to serve as a detailed engineering reference guide as well as a catalyst for application ideas within any industry. Now you can free yourself from traditional manufacturing restrictions, and develop high performance, complex geometry parts in an entirely new way.