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with innovative amorphous metal molding (AMM)

Working with the Liquidmetal team

We know using a new manufacturing process for your application can present challenges. That is why you can get used to one question from our team. With your answer as our guide, expect us to do what it takes to make your goal a reality:

“what does success look like for you?”

Making the impossible…possible.

ConMed had an ambitious goal to break the mold in a crowded IP space—a challenge that could not be met with traditional steel fabrication. Liquidmetal’s strength, elasticity, dimensional accuracy, and out-of-the-gate finish empowered us to create a new surgical solution that may have otherwise been impossible—all within our cost requirements. Liquidmetal’s attentiveness in design engineering support enabled us to get from an initial concept to a well-engineered component in just 20 days. Then after a four-week prototype tool lead time, I had first shots in my hand. Liquidmetal hit every deliverable they committed to and enabled us to test our device in a clinical setting early in our development process. At every step, it has been clear that Liquidmetal genuinely cares about our success.

– Mason Williams, Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Zyris has revolutionized the dental experience for both doctor and patient with Isolite—a dental isolation unit that enhances visibility, moisture control, patient safety, and clinical results. But, we were compelled to make the device even better. A major hurdle was finding a way to overcome design limitations posed by the product control base’s titanium housing. Isolite’s next-generation required a new material and process capable of yielding high tolerances for insert molding while offering corrosion resistance to hospital-grade disinfectants and spring-like properties for assembly—all at a cost comparable to titanium. We found that solution in Liquidmetal. Working in partnership with their team helped ensure the design success of Isolite i3. Liquidmetal did more than share knowledge; they provided in-depth evaluations of components and dimensional reporting on elements that were critical to product development. They were very positive, professional, and attentive every step of the way.

– Brian Halleck, Sr. Engineer

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