Liquidmetal Technologies Begins Production Relationship With Medical Device Manufacturer CoNextions

Liquidmetal Technologies Begins Production Relationship With Medical Device Manufacturer CoNextions

Backed by an experienced team and a premier medical advisory board, CoNextions Medical looks to innovate soft tissue tendon repair. In an effort to find a manufacturing solution that allows for improved performance without inflated cost, Liquidmetal technology came to light.

Traditional suture-based tendon repair often leads to long recovery times, complications, and high costs for the patient. In many ways suture-based tendon repair procedures have reached practical limits, opening the door for new procedures to enter. CoNextions has designed a device with the intention of overcoming these problems, resulting in improved post-operative condition and quality of life for the patient, along with improved health economics. Testing shows the new, less invasive procedure results in decreased tendon trauma, increased repair strength, greater ease of use for medical staff and more.

The part

Liquidmetal alloy will form a large, complex part involved in the surgical device assembly. Critical requirements for the component include: excellent corrosion resistance, strength and hardness. Additionally, the Liquidmetal process may meet the most critical need of all, allowing for the formation of such a complex shape with precision beyond that of CNC machining.

CoNextions’ continued effort to be economically sensitive drove the decision to utilize Liquidmetal technology for this component. Achieving all necessary material properties with a single step manufacturing process makes that goal a reality. While CNC machining was initially pursued because of precision requirements, the Liquidmetal process exceeded specifications. For the right part, Liquidmetal technology’s unique combination of properties and characteristics often make a simple decision on the behalf of innovative teams like CoNextions.

Having previously passed biocompatibility tests, this application is a great opportunity for Liquidmetal technology to demonstrate its effectiveness in the medical component market. Identifying an opportunity for Liquidmetal alloy to not only improve an application’s properties, but the overall economic position as well is the main objective for the Liquidmetal team.