Liquidmetal Chess Reworked

Liquidmetal Chess Reworked

A recent project, along with your feedback, has resulted in successful chess set designs by our summer intern, Cassidy Stevick.

Several people suggested a simple Staunton design to enable players to more easily distinguish the rank and position of the pieces. We have chosen to incorporate a few of these design elements, yet remain close to the original Liquidmetal theme. Traditional Staunton designs are technically possible, but please allow me to explain our intent and direction.

The inspiration for this chess set emerged from a desire to demonstrate the unique properties of Liquidmetal alloys and showcase the alloy’s natural beauty and strength. Our goal is to maintain a very fluid look in the design of all the pieces while allowing them to be easily identifiable as individual pieces.

The most common feedback on the previous design involved the departure from the features of the classic Staunton set. For this reason we have made several adjustments in this latest redesign which hopefully allows players to easily recognize the rank and position of the chess pieces while maintaining the unique liquid form. Our revised design involved creating a more uniform base for all of the pieces and adding the base to the queen and rook. The initial absence of this base was an effort to avoid a more complex mold. However, we determined that the benefit of having a more stable base is worth the cost. In addition, the king and bishop have been restyled more closely to the Staunton pieces through the narrowing of the head on the bishop and the simplification of the king’s cross.

And here are a few more images of the restyled designs: