Liquidmetal has made millions of parts for cell phones for marquee customers, including Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola. Apple now holds an exclusive license for Liquidmetal consumer electronics.

Why Liquidmetal? A Liquidmetal case is nearly indestructible, has a beautiful as-cast mirror finish, and is highly resistant to scratches and corrosion. Each case produced from Liquidmetal has exactly the same shape, allowing parts to fit together precisely. In addition, a Liquidmetal case can be opened and closed thousands of times without the slightest deformation, even when subject to extreme force. The same is true for clamps, whether used as part of a case design or other device. A Liquidmetal clamp will hold with the same force after thousands of uses.

What makes this possible? The molecular structure of amorphous metal combines some of the best properties of glass and metal, enabling breakthrough designs.

Liquidmetal’s glass-like properties allow it to be injection-molded similar to plastic. Unlike traditional metals, the viscosity of Liquidmetal can be controlled by temperature, allowing precise control over how it flows into a mold. Remarkably, Liquidmetal does not shrink (<.4%) when it solidifies, making the shape of all parts from the same mold effectively identical. Liquidmetal also precisely replicates the contact surface of the mold, allowing thousands of parts with beautiful mirrored or textured surfaces to emerge directly from a precisely machined and polished mold.

  • The amorphous molecular structure of Liquidmetal gives it uncommon strength and hardness especially when compared to other cast metal parts. For many applications, Liquidmetal is more than 2x stronger than titanium and is also among the hardest metals available.
  • Liquidmetal has unusual elastic properties. Metals deform with use, causing hinges to function poorly and clamps to lose their force. Not so with Liquidmetal. When bent and released, Liquidmetal parts return to their original shape, even after thousands of uses.

Never again design a metallic case that requires extensive machining and finishing for a precise fit and lustrous finish. Design a beautiful case that will last forever.