Breaking Ground!

From Bruce Bromage, Chief Operating Officer

Breaking Ground!

Heavy construction has begun on our power upgrade. Southern California Edison is installing the new power infrastructure needed to resolve limitations uncovered by our project and our crews are trenching and coring to bring power from a new point of connection to our building. My thanks to Kevin, our facility manager, for leading the project and for coordinating with Power, the City of Lake Forest, and our contractors to achieve this critical milestone.

This development keeps us on track to make our MIM ovens fully operational to meet increasing demand. Amorphous metal production has not been affected by the power upgrade project. Our most promising projects are for medical parts, reflecting our focus on this market, but new industrial and consumer opportunities are emerging now that we are able to compete for more price-sensitive applications.

Work continues with EON affiliate Yihao Metals to develop parts for large international customers. This work leverages our shared amorphous metal technology to support customer design and qualification efforts domestically while able to rapidly scale production in the US and China.