Liquidmetal Technologies Hosts Application Specialist Training

Liquidmetal Technologies Hosts Application Specialist Training

October 13, 2014, Rancho Santa Margarita, California – Liquidmetal Technologies hosted fifteen North American Application Specialists, also known as manufacturer’s sales representatives (MSRs), for sales training. The daylong event covered every aspect of the company’s technology and involved the entire team behind Liquidmetal Technologies.

“It’s critical to our success to ensure that our sales training provide direct access to our technology and our team. We are working closely with our Application Specialists to develop a strong partnership where they will play a critical role in the development of our sales and marketing strategies,” said Paul Hauck, Vice President of World-Wide Sales and Support at Liquidmetal Technologies.

The sales training provided an in-depth discussion of the capabilities of the manufacturing process, design characteristics of good applications, markets and potential applications, process demonstrations, and networking with the entire professional staff at the company.

Following the training, the manufacturer’s sales representatives attended Tuesday’s Customer open house to begin building relationships with current and potential customers. Thrilled with the events during the week, the representatives are ready to get to work with Liquidmetal Technologies.

“Both days were very productive. The sales training was in depth and we walked away with more knowledge than when we arrived. We are excited about the developments that we saw and are looking forward to bringing new and fresh opportunities to Liquidmetal Technologies,” said John Haines, President at Librizzi Associates.

“Thanks to all the folks at Liquidmetal Technologies for putting on such a great couple days. What a great way to kick things off,” said Mark Karrer of M-Power Sales, Inc.

Manufacturer’s sales representatives are in constant communication with the Liquidmetal team to ensure the highest quality service is provided to current and potential customers.