Liquidmetal Technologies was a featured exhibitor and presenter last week (Apr. 2-4) at the annual Advanced Aerospace Materials and Processes conference (AeroMat), which is considered the “premier conference for applied materials and processing for the global aerospace industry.”

The event was an enormous success, with plenary session presentations from the aerospace industry by speakers such as Gerould K. Young (Boeing Research & Technology) and Mike H. Ambrose (Sikorsky Aircraft). The proceedings also included a tribute to the American Society of Materials (ASM) celebrating its 100th Anniversary!

Giving an invited talk during the conference social event held in the main hanger at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington, the Liquidmetal team gave an entertaining overview of Liquidmetal’s core values, focusing on the performance advantages of amorphous alloy technology in the aerospace industry, and the recent advancements made by Liquidmetal in the design process, precision, quality, and consistency.

Both the Liquidmetal talk and marketing exhibition were very well received by the diverse aerospace engineering, metallurgist, coatings, and other community members present at the conference.