Design Guide 4.2: Introduction to hot-crucible molding, and more…

Design Guide 4.2: Introduction to hot-crucible molding, and more…

Our team is dedicated to helping you become an expert in Liquidmetal. To do so, we present the highest level of transparency possible. Recent developments surrounding Liquidmetal capabilities have been featured in the latest version of our design guide.

A new relationship (cross-license agreement) with EONTEC, a major Asia-based manufacturer owned by Liquidmetal Technologies’ CEO, Professor Lugee Li, has led to a significant growth in manufacturing capabilities of amorphous alloys. The expansion in molding capabilities begins with a hot-crucible molding platform, in contrast to the cold-crucible modified ENGEL injection molding machine. This platform allows for a larger shot size, thinner walls, and different alloys. The main difference; Liquidmetal hot-crucible molding machines replace the traditional melt and injection system on a horizontal die-casting machine.

Design Guide 4.2 also features information on new alloys being introduced to the Liquidmetal process. Generally similar in composition and performance, the main differences in the alloys include purity and the platform they can be formed on. A breakdown of each alloy and the process that forms them can be found on page 22.

After reading, we encourage you to contact our team of experts. Liquidmetal engineers are standing by to review your application and help with design assistance.