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Thank you for your interest in Liquidmetal technology! As a new technology in the marketplace, the Liquidmetal process has the potential to improve many components in a wide range of applications. In order to do so, an important step is gaining exposure to application opportunities and influential individuals like yourself.

Not every part or design is right for Liquidmetal technology, but those that are can see substantial performance and economic improvements. That is why we invite you to submit a request for quotation (or many) from this page, and allow us to show how the Liquidmetal process and alloy may be a valuable opportunity for your component and business.

Additional valuable information that will help us evaluate your design (if not already included in your drawings):

  • Current manufacturing process
  • Surface finish requirements
  • Special tolerances or critical features
  • Performance requirements; applied force, ultimate strain, strain, elasticity
  • Environmental conditions: temperature, corrosion exposure
  • Drop files here or
    Include specs and tolerances.
  • Drop files here or
    CAD Files in Native Solidworks, X_T Parasolid, or STP Files. If any of your file uploads do not work for any reason, please email them to sales@liquidmetal.com.