Liquidmetal® alloys belong to a class of highly engineered materials called Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG), which have been developed with the goal of advancing physical material properties to their theoretical limits. Liquidmetal Technologies has successfully commercialized these materials, making them available in custom geometries to the public. The names BMG and Liquidmetal alloy accurately represent these remarkable materials, which have astounded material scientists for years, and exhibit certain properties which continue to defy traditional understandings of materials.


BMG Definition

Characteristics of Crystalline & Amorphous Structures



The atomic makeup of Liquidmetal alloys is strategically designed to give the metal its striking properties. The plot on the left shows how vastly stronger the Liquidmetal (LM-001) alloy is, when compared with the various metals that make up its chemical composition. The chart on the right contrasts the change in density associated with solidification for these same materials when compared with the Liquidmetal alloy. Strength and almost nonexistent solidification shrinkage are just two of the many advantageous properties of Liquidmetal. Further discovered benefits include:

  • High Yield Strength
  • High Hardness
  • Superior Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Superior Elastic Limit
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • High Wear-Resistance
  • Unique Acoustical Properties
  • Low Solidification Shrinkage
  • Minimal Paramagnetic Signature




Our alloy production partner, Materion, has developed processes for commercially producing the high-quality alloy necessary for the production of your reliable Liquidmetal parts.  Accuracy, purity, and cleanliness are all paramount in creating the necessary feedstock materials from which Liquidmetal parts are produced. Liquidmetal Technologies has worked closely with Materion engineers and scientists to achieve the highest quality and most effective Liquidmetal alloy feedstock materials, which become the foundation of realizing your innovative designs.


Because of their incredible potential to influence the way we design, build, and manufacture new products, there is an extraordinary amount of research in the area of bulk metallic glasses in academia, industry, and government laboratories around the world.

Liquidmetal Technologies has participated in the ongoing development of bulk metallic glass for decades by supplying materials and technical input to a vast array of different research projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Fundamental materials research
  • Next generation shaped charge liner development
  • Neutron scattering experiments
  • Micro-molding and micro-machining research
  • Energy harvesting research
  • Thermoplastic forming research
  • Blow molding research
  • Alloy development research
  • Armor research
  • Ballistics research
  • Mirror applications
  • Ceramic Infiltration
  • Electromagnetic applications
  • Machining of bulk metallic glass materials
  • Solid state propulsion research
  • Space-based materials research
  • Electrical Feed-throughs

Manufacturing with Liquidmetal alloys

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