Liquidmetal® Technologies has developed highly specialized alloys and a manufacturing process that allow cosmetic (down to 2 Ra, μin), high-strength (231 ksi), precision parts to be injection molded in a single manufacturing step. Liquidmetal alloys provide an economic advantage for parts with cosmetic surfaces, complex shapes with close tolerances, or forged titanium-grade strength.

Millions of Liquidmetal parts have been made for consumer electronics, providing nearly indestructible cases, close fitting chassis, and hinges and clamps that perform reliably even after thousands of cycles. The simplicity of our one-step molding process lends itself to high rate production with remarkable consistency from part to part.

Our business focus is on small precision parts, typically weighing up to 80g. While parts must be designed to eject from a mold, advanced tooling methods such as slides are available to accommodate critical features. A well-designed part can replace an assembly of machined parts and can be made substantially thinner than other conventional metal parts.

Liquidmetal alloys are truly exceptional for a variety of specialized applications. Utilizing this revolutionary process, product development managers and engineers have been able to overcome many manufacturing obstacles. The molding process and a highly unique combination of properties allow “outside the box” thinking relative to traditional metal forming processes when designing parts.

With the simple objective to overcome rigid manufacturing roadblocks, and improve economic advantage in our customers’ parts, contact us now, to see that now you can.

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