Our engineers work in close collaboration with your designers, engineers, scientists, and manufacturing staff to create complex and sophisticated designs not possible with other traditional materials and processes. In general we follow a staged, milestone-driven process (steps may vary by industry):
  1. Your part designs are reviewed in 3D CAD for feasibility and product requirements.
  2. Working in collaboration with your designers and engineers, we design parts and molds to achieve the ultimate performance and specifications of the requested product.
  3. We utilize state-of-the-art CAD, collaboration and simulation tools to work with customers all over the world.
  4. Depending upon the complexity of the part and testing required, we prototype designs utilizing a standard prototype mold base or manufacture a custom mold specific to a customer’s design.
  5. Prototypes are produced and delivered for validation along with various testing and quality assurance certifications activities.
  6. Finally, after prototypes have passed testing and validation, production parts are produced on customer-owned production molds, ramp-up scaled and timed to meet your schedule and demands.

Liquidmetal Product Development Process v2

Getting it right

Optimizating your part for the Liquidmetal process

Leverage a talented staff