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The Liquidmetal Hybrid Knife is an innovative new product that exemplifies simple elegance through its design, precision, and appearance. Manufactured using the Liquidmetal process, the hybrid knife embodies a geometry that is impractical to produce with any other metal forming process.

Whether it is your primary or secondary tool, the Liquidmetal Knife will stand out among the rest. Composed of a truly unique alloy that boasts a combination of properties rarely seen in traditional metals, this knife will stand up to the test:

  • A 0.0005″ fit between the blade and protector – made possible with the ultra-precise Liquidmetal process that can produce parts with features down to eight ten-thousands of an inch
  • Surface finish

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  • A barrel hinge implemented utilizing Python programming – resulting in an easy to assemble and disassemble two-piece knife with no weak points throughout the open and close rotation
  • Liquidmetal alloy boasts as-molded 563 Vickers hardness (25% greater than 17-4PH stainless steel), 1524 MPa yield strength (twice that of Titanium), and 1.8% elasticity (four times that of hardened 420 stainless steel).

Cultivated by an abundance of scientific data, the hybrid knife and Liquidmetal process stand in a league of their own. But not to be overlooked, the artistic and distinctive design brings a powerful process and set of material properties to life.

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