Liquidmetal® Technologies manufactures components made from bulk metallic glasses through strategic partnerships with various companies around the world. This is done through Certified Liquidmetal Partners (CLP) that are integral to the manufacturing process. This program assures our customers that they are receiving the highest quality parts and services available. It establishes rigorous testing and certification requirements for each member of the value chain. Each CLP member has a written agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies and held to exceptional standards of quality and execution as part of this program. Every customer who purchases Liquidmetal parts and services is guaranteed the highest quality while being assured strict standards of Intellectual Property protection are maintained.

CLP Members represent a global network of world-class companies dedicated to advancing the commercialization of amorphous alloy technology. Liquidmetal Technologies is currently engaged with leading alloy material suppliers, machine & mold manufacturers, government agencies, and commercial companies. The CLP Member network is designed to enable close collaboration between groups and companies fostering teamwork, innovation, vision, leadership, inspiration, motivation, and ultimately leading to the members’ success.


  • Supplies high-quality Liquidmetal alloy feedstock
  • Partnering to extend, refine and optimize chemical formulations
  • Installed capacity available to produce substantial tonnage far exceeding demands


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  • World’s technology leader of injection molding machines
  • Supplies certified production injection molding equipment engineered to process Liquidmetal alloy

Certified Mold Suppliers:

Certified by LQMT for demonstrated ability to manufacture to precision tolerances, meet vacuum requirements and apply flow models. Trained in LQMT best practices.

  • Available directly to Certified Liquidmetal Manufacturers and customers seeking to design and manage their own molds.

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Certified License Manufacturers

Certified Liquidmetal mold partner